limiting beliefs around money

Limiting Beliefs – Do they hold you back?

We hear the words “Limiting Belief” a lot but what are they and do they really matter?

A limiting belief is a thought we have either consciously or unconsciously been telling ourselves all our lives. These beliefs started from birth to 7 years old when our brains where very receptive to what was going on around us. These thoughts were then reaffirmed as we grew up.

If we had been told from an early age that we were useless, an under achiever or rubbish at doing certain tasks, then we would have grown up with little self-belief or confidence.  This is a limiting belief, as it is a belief that we have that limits us from being confident or successful.

Equally, if our parents had little money, held on to their money or withheld it from you, you might not think you were worth spending money on.  This is another limiting belief as you don’t think you are worthy of wealth.

What did our parents tell us about money?

How we were brought up thinking about money can also have an effect on how we feel about money.  Growing up you might have heard these phrases.

“Money doesn’t grow on trees”.

“I’m not made of money”.

“Money is dirty”.

“Money isn’t something that a woman needs to worry about”.

“Save it for a raining day”.

Do any of these sound familiar?

Think back to when you were growing up, and think how you feel about money now? Do you love money, fear, or even hate it? How we think about money can be a limiting belief. We might think we will never have any, deserve any or never have enough.

Subconsciously our minds could be throwing obstacles in our path and sabotaging our own success, just because we don’t think we deserve success.

How we feel about money effects our ability to grow, to create abundance and to prosper, all without you realizing.

Its important to really think about what your limiting beliefs are and how they are sabotaging your life.

The good news is, that you can re wire your thinking and change your beliefs. After all your thoughts are not real. They are just thoughts and thoughts can be changed.

As a money mindset coach, I help many of my clients understand their limiting beliefs and we work to change them. If you want to know how I can help you head to my prices page HERE.