Every business is unique and so should the financial coaching and advice you receive be. Below is a guide of (but is not limited to) what can be covered during our time working together. As we uncover certain areas, we may find there are new avenues to explore and new tasks to prioritise. I ensure we have that flexibility within the programmes to support on your new money journey.

Financial Clarity – Cost Analysis

Understand your outgoings in greater detail to help you have total clarity on your spending habits. Feel you’re spending all you earn? Or perhaps scared to spend? We can deep dive into these areas and get you feeling good about your spending, and in control of your outgoings. We can also work to a savings plan if that’s something you’re working towards.

Better Money Management – Cash Flow 

Get control of your cash and learn how to make it stretch further. Do you actually know what you need to make each month to cover your costs? Together through financial coaching, we will help you understand those figures and run your business from a place of calmness and serenity, knowing your cash flow and finances are in order. Future plan your business by understanding and planning your cash. Learn how to plan ahead.

Understand your finances – Overcome your financial fear 

With better understanding you get clarity. Having clarity in your business can help you achieve your goals, dream big, do what you do best and sleep better at night! All vital for the entrepreneur. Confidence comes from action and understanding, so understanding your finances helps eliminate fear. You really can fall in love with your finances!

Money Mindset

Success in ANY area of your life is 80% mindset and our money relationship is so often formed around our mindset. Our mindset was set when we were between birth age and 7 years old, so you might find that your beliefs around money and earning are actually your parents beliefs! Things have certainly moved on since then so it’s time to help you uncover those beliefs and to develop a new money paradigm so you can fall in love with money and have a really solid relationship with it.

Do you spend all your money or hang on to it so much you never treat yourself? Do you want to save for a special occasion but don’t know how? With my skills and knowledge, we can get to the bottom of those bad habits and set you on a new spending path and help you create better habits that will support your future vision.

Pricing Strategy – Charge your worth 

Do you want to be able to charge more for your services with confidence? Own your prices? 

Understand your worth and charge for it? I see SO many business owners under-charging as they don’t truly believe they can charge your worth. Well, here’s the thing, you CAN! You deserve to charge more than you realise and together, we’ll help you recognise that.

Budget Management – Financial planning strategies  

Do you have a budget? Or is it the thing you keep thinking you should do, but fail to get round to? I hear this a lot! Sometimes it’s due to overwhelm, sometimes its due to lack of knowledge. Either way, we’ll have you truly understanding the importance of, and how, a budget can support your business. To really understand your spending, having a monthly budget in place gives you something to work to.

Future Planning – Improved Financial results – Goal setting  

Are you unsure about the future of your business, feel like everyone has a plan but you? It’s time to stop working day to day and put strategic plans in place to reach your five-year goals? Haven’t thought about them yet? Don’t worry – I can help there too! Through financial coaching, we can then set some monthly goals to help you work towards your longer-term vision to create the life and business you deserve.

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