Does fear stop you from raising your prices?

You would be surprised at how many of my clients are afraid to put their prices up. Yes, its true loads of you don’t want to raise your prices.

But why is that?

It’s usually a lack of confidence that holds us back.  People think they are not worth that amount or that they are not good enough. Or that people won’t buy their products or services at that price.

Thinking you are not worth of more or that you don’t have the confidence, is a limiting belief. A limiting belief is just what we call a thought that holds us back.

You have to remember that your thoughts are not the truth. Yes, you heard me, what you think is not set in stone and is not real.

You have the power to change your limiting beliefs. You have the power within you to change everything in your life if you want to. This is because you can learn to change your mindset.

How we feel about money, finances or our pricing can limit us in everything we do in business. It can hinder us from earning our full potential or stop you from charging your worth.

So next time you are thinking about putting your prices up, think about what it is that is stopping you. Really think about it and think about the emotion you are having whilst you think about it.

What emotions are you going through? Fear? Anxiety? Self-Doubt? Embarrassment?

Once you recognise that limiting belief you can work on changing that belief. Understanding your mindset is the key.

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