I take confidentiality very seriously.  Having been in the finance profession for over 30 years it has always been very important to me. When you are dealing with peoples finances you have to be discreet, and I never discuss clients details outside of work.

Qualified Accountant

I am an AAT qualified accountant and licenced member in practice. Which means that I have a practice licence and am AML (Anti Money Laundering) covered. As part of my licence I have to keep my CPC record updated so am constantly improving my knowledge.  Also as part of my licence agreement I have to have Indemnity Insurance, so you are covered again by that.

Information Commissioners Organisation (ICO)

Also as part of my practice licence, I am registered annually with ICO, this is so that I am covered with GDPR regulations.


As a coach, I do not go into people’s finances in quite the same detail as I would as an accountant, but we do discuss your finances and I do need to have some idea about them.  But rest assured that anything personal that we do discuss stays with me.

I want my clients to feel that the last thing they need to worry about is confidentiality. And I really do take it seriously.  It is a very personal thing and something I do not intend getting wrong.

If you have any questions about my confidentiality and terms and conditions of hire, then get in touch. 

What you think about, talk about, believe strongly about, and feel intensely about, you will bring about

Jack Canfield

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