Affirmations, what are they?

Be careful of your thoughts

According to the Law of Attraction, we are all made up of energy. Which is true, as we are all made up of tiny atoms and atoms are just balls of energy. However, did you know that our thoughts have energy too?

No, I bet you didn’t. We are used to the idea of sound waves, radio waves, and thought energy works in a similar way.  Every thought we have omits energy.  Now there is positive and negative energy. So be careful of your thoughts.

There is a saying “be careful what you wish for” and I must admit it is so true.  If you are concentrating on negative thoughts, then you attract negativity into your life. If you think positive thoughts then you attract positivity back.

You could say, you are what you are thinking.  In the way that if you think a lot about the lack of money in your life, you will still have no money.  Be careful of negative thoughts as they do just attract more negativity back.

Change the story

We all have a story that has been playing in our heads all our lives.  It could be you are not thin, tall, fat, confident, pretty, beautiful, ugly, skinny, blond, brown, clever. . . enough.  We all think we are not xxxxxx enough.  Well ask yourself this, are those thoughts the truth?  Is that story still true, was it ever true?

TRUTH BOMB TIME – Are your thoughts the truth? ?

Is it time to tell yourself a new story? A good way of telling your subconscious mind a different story, is to use Affirmations.  Affirmation are a statement and are great for changing your story.  They are very powerful if used regularly and over time are great at re programming your thoughts.

“I am worthy of health wealth joy and happiness” is a great affirmation as builds your self-worth up. Or “I am a great money manager” might help you with your spending habits.  “I am financially abundant and money magnet and money flows to me from many avenues” is another one for money mindset.

As you get into the habit of using affirmations on a regular basis you will find yourself using them all the time. Being in control of your thoughts, is the single most useful thing you can do.

For more about using Affirmations check out my Morning Routine blog here.

What you think about, talk about, believe strongly about, and feel intensely about, you will bring about

Jack Canfield

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