debt explained

How do you feel about Debt?

Unfortunately debt can be a very controversial subject and one that not many people like talking about. But I feel it needs addressing as our attitude to debt is holding us back.

So, what is debt? Being in debt is when we owe money to someone else, someone we have borrowed from or money that we have spent that is not ours.

Common examples of being in debt are:-

  • Credit card dept
  • Mortgage on your home
  • Car finance or lease agreements
  • Store cards
  • Personal loans and credit agreements
  • Mobile phone contracts

How we think about debt, probably stems from how our parents were with money, and whether they had debt.  How they were with debt taught us how we feel about debt too. We then bring these beliefs forward into our lives. Growing up we might have heard phrases like:-

  • Don’t get anything on tick, always buy outright
  • Don’t borrow off anyone or owe money
  • Do not buy anything you cannot afford
  • Being in debt is the devil’s work

Whether we like it or not, how we feel about debt is also linked to our current money blocks. 

Now believe me, I am not telling you that debt is good or bad, but how you feel about it matters.  And you have already associated feelings of how you feel about debt to it. Take it from me, though debt has no feelings. Money is an inanimate object and has no feelings. It is just an energy exchange and nothing more.  It has no feelings; it doesn’t hate you and you cannot hate it.

But we all seam to give debt a feeling, which is mad. We give it an emotion, we hate it, fear it, resent it and more.  But why give it an emotion?

I have worked with ladies who have been crippled by the debt that they had. They could not see past it, were stressed by it and it was having a huge detrimental effect on their earning ability.

Once they realized that debt cannot hurt you, as it has no feelings, things changed. Debt does not care about you, it cannot harm you, it does not hate you. No one but you puts emotion to being in debt, no one but you cares if you are in debt, no one but you stresses about it.

Those opinions or beliefs your parents gave you about debt, are just their opinion and are not necessarily the truth. Our opinions, thoughts, beliefs are not true. We can change how we feel about debt and money, it is our choice.

As long as you can afford to pay the repayments back, debt cannot hurt you.  You are safe.  When you learn to take the emotion away from the debt, you whole attitude changes. 

Our beliefs about money and debt can be crippling us without us knowing.  We will be putting blocks on how much money we are comfortable earning or even saving. Learn to release those blocks and feel differently about debt. Get more money into your life.

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