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Journaling, we have all heard of it but what are the benefits?

In life, we experience so much stress, we have family stress, work related stress and relationship stress. 

We might not realize we are experiencing anything like stress, but every time you get frustrated, annoyed, or exasperated, that is stress.

Everyone knows that stress is not a good thing, and with so much awareness about good mindfulness at the moment, anything we can do to alleviate any stress is good. During these difficult times we are experiencing right now, it is ever more important to look after our mindset.

Throughout the day, we have so many thoughts whizzing around in our heads, it can be very distracting.

One way of getting all those thoughts that are crowding your brain out of your head, is to journal. If you write them all down, it is amazing how cathartic it is.

Getting a note pad or scrap of paper or whatever it is, getting it all down on paper gets it out of your mind and releases all that frustration.

If you get into the habit of journaling, you will soon learn that getting your daily thoughts down on paper helps with your mindfulness.

Making time in your day at some point and sitting down with a hot beverage and relaxing, writing up your journal is so relaxing too.

Over time as you get used to doing it more regularly you will begin to realize the benefits. Go on start today, it’s a cheap and easy thing to do, to help your mindfulness.