Manifesting and Visualisation

When you have a goal in life, the best way to achieve that goal, is to really believe it will happen. To help that process, you can try a skill called visualisation. This is when you build a picture up in your head and step into it.

Let me tell you how I manifested my dream car using visualization.

Manifesting my Evoque.

I have always wanted a Land Rover, it didn’t matter if it was a battered Defender, or a Range Rover.  Growing up we had a Defender and we used it for dragging cars out of snowdrifts, towing trailers, and as it was a camping version we travelled around Europe in it.

Then when the Range Rover came out my dad bought one of the first ones out, and we drove up to horse trials, point to point meetings, and shooting days in it feeling the bees’ knees.

So this is why a Range Rover was my dream car, and then when the first Evoque’s came out, well it was just right, not too big, small enough to park and just beautiful.

So, a black one went on my vision board.  A few years ago, I purchased a SUV Hyundai, in black. I loved it, it was a really nice car and a lovely drive, but it still wasn’t an Evoque. 

When driving my Hyundai, I used to imagine, the heated leather steering wheel, the automatic gear box, the smell of the leather, the panoramic sunroof, the power, the feel of it, the emotion I would get driving it.  Every day for about a year, I did this.

Then one day, something happened that I wasn’t expecting, that enabled me to put a deposit on a new Evoque. I sat in the show room and configured my dream car, which is the first time in life so far that I have been able to do.  I had the heated steering wheel, the panoramic sunroof, the heated seats, the sparkly black paintwork I wanted.

When the day came for me to collect my car, the showroom does a reveal, they cover the car in a sheet and do a reveal. Well I cried when I say my car. 

Everyday, when I sit in my Evoque I thank the Universe, I feel so thankful. I absolutely love my car and I am so grateful everyday that it sits on my drive. I have had it nearly a year now, and I still get excited to drive it.

Visualisation is powerful

You have to realize how powerful visualisation can be. If you can visualize your dreams, goals, or life changing events, they will happen. This is called manifesting.  When you manifest something into your life.

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