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Write an Epic List

We are not all born with confidence and sometimes you need to work on it more than others. This also applies to how worthy you feel, but an epic list could help.

When I work with clients on their money mindset, their self-worth is something that comes up a lot. How they don’t feel worthy of success or financial abundance. Which in itself is sad but also very relatable.

I help them think how wonderful they are, and how much they have achieved by writing out an epic list. I ask them to write down 30 wonderful achievements they have made in their life.

This can be things like, learning to drive, or ride a bike, or you’re A level grades, your first dream job, having kids, etc.

It is hard at first, but you will get there, and when you have a low day, dig out your EPIC list and remember just how wonderful you are. Or print it out and pin it on your wall.

My Epic List

I have had to overcome quite a lot in my life, grief when my Mum died when I was only 21, abuse when my own Dad bullied me, and self-worth after my parents told me I was useless, so my Epic list was quite difficult to write. I have done mine in chronological order, but you don’t have to. I only managed 25 but try to do 30 if you can.

Here you go . . .

  1. Age 9. Lambed my first Ewe – We had a few sheep growing up, and I learned to lamb quite young as I had slim hands, or so my Dad told me.
  2. Age 11. Learning to ride a horse – I got my first pony, she taught me to ride, and I taught her manners.
  3. Age 15. Learned to drive a tractor – Haymaking with our little grey Fergie.
  4. Age 16. Learned to ride a moped – Had my first moped to get me to my ponies’ field to feed her.
  5. Age 19. Passing my driving test – My parents told me I never would, so I bought 10 lessons and passed first time.
  6. Age 19. Passed my Hotel Management Diploma – I have a BTEC National Diploma in Hotel and Catering.
  7. Age 20. Female Hire Controller – Became the first ever female Hire controller nationwide for this company. A huge learning curve, but worth it.
  8. Age 20. Learning to live without my Mum – She died very suddenly and was my rock.  
  9. Age 22. Got Married – To the most wonderful person, my lovely Hubby of 32 years.
  10. Age 22. Moved away – Moved to RAF Cosford, in Shropshire as wife of SAC Parker.
  11. Age 27. Became Senior Administrator at RAF North Luffenham, for a facilities management company. 
  12. Age 29. Had my Son, – An epic thing itself and he brings total joy to my life.
  13. Age 38. Went back to college – To study my AAT qualification at evening college.
  14. Age 40. Qualified as Accountant – Passed my NVQ4 as AAT qualified accountant after 3 years of studying.
  15. Age 43. Became a Finance Manager – For a local telecoms company, with a £200k overdraft and turned them around in 2 years into a profitable business.
  16. Age 45. Relocated to Dorset – Uprooted the family and relocated down to Dorset. It was difficult to leave our friends but so worth it in the end.
  17. Age 46. Became a Sage50 Trainer – Oh I loved this job, travelling around the country training people on Sage.
  18. Age 46. Went Self Employed – Became a freelance Finance Manager to farms and small businesses.
  19. Age 46. Farm Finance Manager – For a 3000-acre estate in Dorset. They had a £350k overdraft when I started and when I left were making a small profit and had a plan on how to move forward.
  20. Age 46. Started Networking – Oh I hated it at first, but soon realized it was a necessary evil.
  21. Age 49. Started Dorset WiRE – Started my own network, it was quite small, but I have met some amazing women.
  22. Age 49. Joined a Mastermind Group – Gosh I met some amazing ladies from this group who are my besties now and we support each other so much.
  23. Age 51. Farm Finance Manager – Joined another farm this time a 6000-acre mixed arable and diary. I still do some work for them on an ad hoc basis.
  24. Age 53. Rural Ladies in Business – Started my own network for all ladies in business, it is a new network, but growing all the time.
  25. Age 54. Became a Finance Coach – I re branded, retrained and now I have found my Epic job, and I love it.

I feel I have achieved loads in my life, but my list will be so different from yours, you have probably travelled more, done more, and achieved more. But that is ok, we are all different. And the trick is just to remember how epic you are, because whatever you do, think or say remember you are fabulous.

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