Myth Busting – Dyslexia

It’s a bit of a shame to admit, that even in these times, dyslexia might be one of those common conditions that we have all heard of but is still being misunderstood.

People seem to think that those with dyslexia are either stupid, cannot spell, read properly, or can’t write very well.

But dyslexia is a condition that is much broader than that. Also, people with dyslexia are usually very intelligent. Often with high IQ’s, and not at all stupid.

What you might not know about people with dyslexia is that there are lots of different things that they might struggle with and not everyone has the same problems.

  • They might find memorising difficult instructions, or directions difficult. This includes long forms, type with too little paragraphs, or long sequential processes difficult. For example understanding a recorded message that is left on a phone is very difficult as people generally talk too fast when leaving the message.
  • They might have speech problems, like misspeaking, misuses or mispronouncing of words.
  • They might also find it difficult to remember names of people, but never forget a face.
  • They are generally sensitive to loud noises and have acute hearing. They might get easily distracted by too much going on.
  • They usually are either great at Maths and can work things out quickly in their head rather than on paper or are not good and rely on calculators and other aids.

But it is not all bad, there are advantages of being Dyslexic too if you know that you are.

  • They are excellent at managing different tasks simultaneously. Are great organizers and quick thinkers.
  • They are highly intuitive and learn to go with their instincts.

The reason I am writing this, is because the misconceptions of Dyslexia frustrate me a bit, and for years I managed to hide that I was even slightly Dyslexic.

That said, I don’t transpose letters or numbers, can read very well and quickly, and am very intelligent. However, I do misspell words, I replace words without realizing it and I know I am slightly wired up differently in the way I solve things. But we are all different and we should never judge.