Celebrate your Wins

We go through life at a rate of knots and sometimes forget to celebrate our accomplishments. It is easy when we are so busy to just not acknowledge how clever and wonderful you are. 

When you set your goals do you ever celebrate them or celebrate every client sign up?

Goal Setting

Success is 80% Mindset and 20% marketing and to succeed you have to really believe that you will. Writing a goal is a great way of setting an intention to the Universe.

However, be mindful when writing a goal that you can relate to is, it has to be achievable in your mind.

It is no good writing a £10K income goal if you don’t believe you can make that amount. It has to be something that you believe you can do.

Also, give your goal a timeline, when do you want to achieve it by? Is this a monthly goal or a lifestyle goal?

Write you goals down daily and as you write them, imagine you achieving them as you write them. This is sending positive success vibes to the universe which will enable the universe to deliver on your goal.

Be clear on your goals. When writing out lifestyle goals like a new house, give us much detail as you can. For example; what will it be like? How will you feel? What are the feeling you will experience? Who is with you? What can you smell? What are you doing in that moment?

Fill it out in your mind with as much detail. Visualize it clearly. Spend a few minutes every day visualizing you as you achieve your goal.

Over time you will fill that vision and build it up with ease, you will be able to go to it regularly. Visualization is such a powerful tool to use for achieving success.

Celebrate your wins

Remember though to celebrate your wins, give yourself a small gift or dance around like a mad person, or have a glass of wine, or fizz. Make sure it is a treat. 

By celebrating your wins you are thanking the universe for your success. Which in turn brings more success.

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