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Pivoting in Business

In life, or when you run a business, you get to a certain stage in life, when you think “There must be more than this!”

Some people get it right the first time and get to do a job that they love, whilst most of us, just casually drop into a job, or end up doing a certain job because no one else would, or you found you where good at it.

Believe me, after failing my O Level maths the first-time round I really didn’t expect to have a career in finance. And if I had told any of my schoolteachers that I was going to be an accountant they would have probably laughed. 

But things like that have never deterred me, if you want something in life you have to go after it. I can say that now, but back then it was a different matter.

How did I get into Finance?

I started off in finance aged 15 sat at the dinning room table doing the ledgers for my father’s smallholding. Back then he used to keep his receipts on a nail in the kitchen. Not the best way to file your receipts.

I then went on to do manual bookkeeping, with huge heavy ledgers writing in ink. Oh, blimey you could not make a mistake with those. But I moved on and in the end did every single type of job you would think of in a finance function from Accounts Clerk, Credit controller, Finance Assistant, and later Finance Manager.

I have been a qualified AAT (NVQ4) accountant now for over ten years after going back to college for 3 years to gain my qualification.

Then 9 years ago I became a freelance finance manager, doing the accounts for farmers, cider producers, guest house proprietors, hotels, training companies on accounts software and much more.

Why did I pivot?

But, for a few years I had not been happy doing accounts for other people and kept wondering what else I could do. Then in March 2020, overnight I lost a lot of work, which was quite frightening. So I took a deep breath and stepped into the unknown. I hired a business coach, who was someone I had been following for some time, with her help, I retrained and improved my mindset beyond recognition and have a total new mindset. With her help too, I rebranded and now I am doing what I should have been doing a long time ago.

I have always loved training; I find it so rewarding helping people understand stuff they didn’t think they could learn or thought they would never know. What’s more I am really good at it. I have lots of empathy, I don’t judge, and there is no such thing as a stupid question.

I love Coaching!

I absolutely have found my life’s vocation and will be coaching for as long as I can, as I love helping others. I love it when clients have those eureka moments in their business when something finally makes sense. Or when you unravel the layers of the subconscious mind to reveal limiting beliefs, and then giving clients the tools to change habits and mindset.  I love it when comprehension dawns on clients faces when they realize that they can afford to pay themselves or save. And most of all I love it when what I have helped someone with has changed their lives. I’ve done that loads of times and I love it. I LOVE MY JOB!

So, if you’d like to know more about my coaching take a look here.