Stepping out of my comfort zone.

Growing up I was always quite shy, and I have always hated confrontation in any form.  I remember being bullied at school and for most of my life by my father.  I lost my Mum when I was 20 and that was quite a shock at such a young age, so let’s say I had to grow up fast. 

However, fortunately for me, I met a wonderful man, who I married when I was 21 and who has supported me or challenged me when I have needed the help. He has always had faith in me, has always supported me, and has been my inspiration a lot of times.

I would say that I first stepped out of my comfort zone, and pulled my big girl pants up when I was offered a job training. The lady who wanted to hire me, also wanted to take me on as self employed and not employed. This was a big decision and one I obviously discussed with my lovely Hubby. It was him who persuaded me to start on this new journey of a mobile Sage50 software trainer.

I used to drive up and down the country with my laptop training Sage50 Accounts and Payroll software to individuals and businesses. I must admit the first day was terrifying, but I soon grew to love it.

Continuing on with the training I also was bookkeeping for farmers, cider makers and other small businesses, but mainly the agriculture sector. When I eventually stopped training I became a full time Finance Manager or Farm Secretary for two different farms.

I found also, that going self employed meant I had to step out of my comfort zone a lot more and one of those first stumbling blocks was Networking. I remember my first networking event I just stood up said my name and what I did and sat back down. I must admit some of those groups I visited I hated and didn’t visit again.

This was one of the reasons I decided to create my own Network. I approached a fantastic organisation called WiRE (Women in Rural Enterprise) who allowed me to set myself up as the Dorset WiRE Network leader.  With this network I ended up going to the National WiRE conference and realizing when I got there that I was expected to do a 10-minute presentation on Finance to over 70 delegates. So I wrote my presentation in a notebook and got up with shaking legs and presented my heart out. It was a fantastic feeling when I had done it, but oh blimey I was nervous. I have gone on now to create my own network Rural Ladies in Business which started in January 2020. And is a lovely currently virtual network supporting all ladies in business.

Over the last 10 years or so, since becoming self-employed I have continued to become more confident. I have also had to learn to trust my ability and know that I am good at what I do. I think the turning point for me was understanding about our mindset.  Once you understand how the mindset can be changed into a more positive state everything changes.

This is also why I love helping people with their money mindset, I love peeling back the layers of their limiting beliefs, digging deeper into the subconscious minds to undercover untrue beliefs, and helping them re programme their thinking.  I love it when the comprehension is discovered and the eureka moment when they realize what they have been doing wrong all their lives. I love helping people fall in love with their money, be great money managers and create the life they want.

I just wish I could have told my 18-year-old self how wonderful a person she was and how confident she would become. And that stepping out of your comfort zone, can be more rewarding than you can ever imagine.  How epic and wonderful would I be now if I had known and believed that now. Remember you can be or do anything you want to do if you have the belief that you will.  What you achieve is what you believe and what you focus on expands.

My Quick Fire Round

  • Favourite Book – “The Success Principles” by Jack Canfield (Changed my life)
  • Favourite Podcast – “TaraTalks” – Tara Punter Coaching has some great life tips.
  • Favourite Song – “I don’t feel like dancing” Scissor Sisters. (Always makes me happy)
  • Favourite Film – “The Secret” Watch it, it will change your life too.
  • Favourite Affirmation – I am worthy of success and the abundant life it brings.
  • When am I not working? – I am reading or exploring the countryside with my family.
  • What does success mean to me – That I am so lucky in what I do, and to have helped so many entrepreneurs fall in love with their money and their businesses.

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