Spend with Gratitude

How were your parent with money?

How you parents were with money, will have an effect on how you feel about money too. Our unconscious mind has all the memories about the best way to spend money.

They might have been huge savers and saved money for a rainy day. Or they might have been very generous with their money. Whatever their habits, it will have a lasting effect on how we spend.

Stop thinking about your lack of money

We also go through life with probably thinking that we don’t have enough money.  But when will you have enough, how much more?

If I gave you 1p you would automatically have more money, so that would solve that problem. But have you ever thought how much you actually want?

Our thoughts are powerful

If you want to have more money in your life, you have to stop thinking that you don’t have enough. If you are concentrating on lack, that is the message and energy you are giving out, and that in itself will attract more of the same.  We then stay in that cycle.

Be grateful for what you spend

We have to tell our subconscious that we are abundant, that we have enough money. Now I know that is not easy, when you think you have no money. But think of what you can be grateful for now, to help you feel more abundant. 

What does money buy for you now, a roof over your head, a warm house, food on the table, new clothes, and it pays for your lifestyle. Isn’t that something to be grateful for? Try and reframe that to being grateful for the stuff that money already buys for you.

When you are in the supermarket buying your weekly shop, spend a moment to be grateful for the money to be able to buy that food.  Or if you are buying a train ticket, be grateful that you are able to travel. Just try and be grateful for everything you spend your money on already.

The more you get used to being grateful for money does for you now, the more you will stop thinking about lack and that will change the vibration.

For more information about how powerful our thoughts are read more about it here.

What you think about, talk about, believe strongly about, and feel intensely about, you will bring about

Jack Canfield

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