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Celebrate your Wins

We go through life at a rate of knots and sometimes forget to celebrate our accomplishments. It is easy when we are so busy to just not acknowledge how clever and wonderful you are.  When you set your goals do you ever celebrate them or celebrate every client sign up? Goal Setting Success is 80% […]

Myth Busting – Dyslexia

It’s a bit of a shame to admit, that even in these times, dyslexia might be one of those common conditions that we have all heard of but is still being misunderstood. People seem to think that those with dyslexia are either stupid, cannot spell, read properly, or can’t write very well. But dyslexia is […]

VAT Registration

Are you a business owner, or thinking of starting a business? Do you ever wonder if you need to be registered for VAT or not? When you run a business whether you are a sole trader or a limited company, it is a legal requirement to keep financial records. But do you need to be […]

Case Study

I remember my first day working with one of my previous clients. It was a husband and wife team, who were owners of a reasonably sized business. On the first day, they wanted to know what part of their business was making a profit and what parts were not. As they had previously had very […]