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Your thoughts are powerful!

We go through life aware to some extent of our immediate thoughts but are we aware of our subconscious ones and the story that we are telling ourselves. Our brain is split into two sections, the conscious part, the part of the brain that we keep current thoughts in, our current movements, thoughts, and memories. […]

Creating a Vision Board

When you have dreams, you want to be able to achieve them.  You can have, be, or do, anything you want in life, you just have to believe it. What you believe you achieve. We are usually in the habit of setting monthly goals, our income goals, life goals, short term goals. But how many […]

Write an Epic List

We are not all born with confidence and sometimes you need to work on it more than others. This also applies to how worthy you feel, but an epic list could help. When I work with clients on their money mindset, their self-worth is something that comes up a lot. How they don’t feel worthy […]

Raising your Invoices

When running a business one of the most necessary tasks we do is raising your invoices for payment. But have you ever thought about when you should raise them or how important they are? Here are my top tips, for you to consider when raising your invoices. Get Payment Up Front We are in many […]

Law of Attraction

You might be thinking that the Law of Attraction is something to do with dating, and in a way it has, but on a deeper level. We have all heard of the law of gravity, and we don’t have to understand it fully to know that it is true. Much like the Law of Attraction, […]