Creating a Vision Board

When you have dreams, you want to be able to achieve them.  You can have, be, or do, anything you want in life, you just have to believe it. What you believe you achieve.

We are usually in the habit of setting monthly goals, our income goals, life goals, short term goals. But how many times when you set goals, do you visualise them?

Visualisation is so powerful.

It has helped me manifest things into my life that I never thought possible.

To aid you to visualise your goals, one great way to do this, is to create a vision board.  All it is, is a group of pictures that represent your goals.

You can do it on Pinterest, on a document with cut and pasted images, or physically cut and paste pictures from magazines onto a piece of card or a scrap book.

Then as part of your morning routine, (there is more info on a morning routine on a separate blog) you can visualize your different goals using prompts from your vision board.

When you visualize, you really need to give it substance, how do you feel, who are you with, where are you. All the senses need to come into play, smell, touch, sight, and hearing. So really give your vision substance. Build it up. 

The more detail and emotion you can give your visualisation the more your vibration to the universe is.  Once you get your vibration right you attract more into your life.

For inspiration see my blog on how I manifested my Evoque.